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IT Staffing Services

Providing IT Talent that Gets Results

We have partnered with businesses across the country to provide exceptional IT talent—and exceptional results—for three decades. Over the years, we have learned a lot about the most efficient and effective ways to drive results and build relationships. Adhering to core pillars that define Consultis, we offer our clients strategic differences to providing IT talent:

  • We are the private investigators of IT talent. Whether it is an active job seeker, professional contractors or those elusive passive candidates who seem impossible to find—we have an incredible network of IT talent, and we’ll find precisely the right person. We know a lot of talented IT professionals. Whether you are targeting a specific skill set or you need help identifying the right talent to augment your IT workforce, we can provide precisely the professionals you need.
  • We are the Olympians of technology staffing. Not only does our internal recruiting team have incredible skill and experience in IT and IT workforce solutions, we are accomplished in identifying the critical technical skills needed to excel in your environment. We conduct extensive validation of each candidate to ensure the right fit.
  • We read between the lines. We understand what makes people successful, what drives them, and how they can achieve more. We also focus between the lines. In 30+ years of staffing, we have learned the importance of understanding core differentiators that make your business unique. We know mutual success is dependent on learning your culture and unique requirements backward and forward to become a true partner.

Ready to become our strategic IT workforce partner?
Watch this slideshow to see what IT staffing means at Consultis, or click here for a review of services. Or, contact Consultis today to take the first step.

“I've known the fine folks at Consultis since 1996 and have been placed on several consulting contracts by their talented recruiters. Always professional and personable with lots of communication through the entire process, from qualification to client meetings to project wrap-up... ...When the need arises for skillful and reliable IT staff, I have in several occasions called on the services of Consultis. The staff is honest, competent and responsive. They do a great job of screening applicants for the position...”
— Vice President Human Resources, Financial Company
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