IT Candidate Experience is Important when Recruiting Technical Talent

A Personal Touch to Recruiting Can Influence IT Recruits and Beyond

Why the candidate experience is so important in technology placement.

Maybe the hiring process has been delayed after a candidate’s interview, or there simply isn’t enough time to get back to a rejected recruit – failing to keep applicants in the loop is poor form in all industries.  In the IT world, where top talent is in high demand, a bad candidate experience can damage more than just a singular relationship.

The candidate experience – all interaction leading up to a hire or rejection – has become relevant enough that it’s even stepped into the award-o-sphere. Talent recognizes the top 50 companies based on candidate and employer surveys with what they call CandE Awards (Candidate Experience).

Not only does the candidate experience reflect your company’s culture and professionalism, but, simply put, it’s the right way to treat people. These days, poor experiences, whether they be customer or candidate, can damage business.

More than just sales

In 2014, thanks to a negative candidate experience, Virgin Media lost 7,500 customers. So, yes, it can happen. In this case, Virgin dove right into a quest for answers. After surveying past applicants, they discovered that being rejected had nothing to do with their hard feelings; rather, it was their treatment while pursuing the position that lost their loyalty.

Another survey conducted by Vacancy Filler reported that up to half of those surveyed would boycott a company due to poor hiring etiquette, and 67% expressed that they’d share the negative experience with the company.

What this boils down to is there’s value in treating recruits more like customers, but when it comes to IT candidates, proper treatment during the courting process can set you up for hiring success down the road. For example, maybe during an interview you discover the candidate is stronger in code writing than networking, when what you really need is a networking specialist. Just because things didn’t line up this time doesn’t mean you won’t potentially have a position for them in the future. With skilled IT talent in such a high demand, it’s smart to keep connected with anyone who catches your attention.

Poor candidate experience in talent driven job markets can also lead to black listings. After all, they don’t particularly need your job: skilled IT recruits have tons of options. If word gets out that a company treats people unprofessionally during the application process, the people you want just might stop wanting you.

Positive energy creates positive energy

As customers, we all know how it feels when a company goes above and beyond what you’d expect from them – you want to tell everyone, and might even feel compelled to buy more. Strong candidate experiences can create the same effect, even if it doesn’t result in a hire. That same Vacancy Filler survey suggested recruits also share positive interactions, which is not only word-of-mouth marketing for your company, it’s also prone to attract high-quality applicants!

When it comes to technology placement, providing a great recruiting experience is crucial to attracting top talent. Consultis has been courting brilliant IT professionals for more than 33 years. We specialize in creating a meaningful experience for both recruits and employers. If you’d like more information on creating an award-winning candidate experience, contact our knowledgeable staff today!