Chelsea Genest

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Chelsea “SquirrelFISH" Genest

Client Services Specialist

Meet Chelsea, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the world of IT Recruiting. She's not just about matching skills to job descriptions – she's all about building genuine connections that stand the test of time. With a proactive mindset that's all about staying ahead of the curve, Chelsea digs deep to truly understand what her clients need. Her wealth of expertise not only helps her pinpoint their exact requirements but also empowers those she collaborates with.

Chelsea thrives on challenges, and her journey with AWS was no exception. Imagine stepping into a realm of Computer Vision Engineers working on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence. Chelsea rolled up her sleeves, dove into research, and engaged in in-depth conversations. The result? She wasn't just removing roadblocks; she was unlocking the team's potential. Their projects soared, and the numbers spoke for themselves – a staggering 98% increase in ROI. That's Chelsea's impact in action.

Beyond her tech prowess, Chelsea's got a fun side too. Her FISH nickname, "SquirrelFISH," reflects her knack for bridging communication gaps – just like the colorful fish in the coral reefs she loves to explore while snorkeling. And speaking of colorful characters, ask her about Baloo, her rescue pet who's stolen her heart.