Cody Carlson

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Cody “FairwayFISH" Carlson

Business Development Specialist

Cody's journey from Boston into the IT Services industry spans back to 2014. His career began as an SAP pre-sales consultant, specializing in HRIS solutions—a role that laid the foundation for his exceptional technical acumen. Cody's journey took him through various phases, and his passion for technology and business alignment has been a constant thread. He is now a SME in placing CIO & Director level roles.

Cody's professional trajectory transitioned seamlessly to a staffing and recruiting managerial role at a previous IT staffing firm. During his time there, he honed his skills in selling and implementing ERP solutions, amassing four years of invaluable experience in this dynamic field. Cody's journey southward was driven by more than just the allure of warm weather and favorable taxes; it was a strategic move that aligned with his lifestyle and brought him closer to family.

Just as his affinity for golf emphasizes control and focus, Cody's approach to technology mirrors this philosophy. With each technical challenge, Cody takes deliberate steps, much like a golfer tackles each shot.

Cody's mantra underscores the essence of technology: it's a means to achieve business outcomes, not the other way around. With Cody, it's not just about deploying systems; it's about empowering businesses to reach their goals.
Cody's FISH name, "FairwayFISH," represents his dedication to golf and his professional journey. He's ready to help your organization transform bogies into birdies!