Consultis Unveils Bold and Creative Employee Brand Initiative

BOCA RATON, FL – LinkedIn research shows that employers with strong employee brands average 50 percent more quality applicants, 28 percent less turnover rate, show a decrease in time to hire and typically spend 50 percent less per hire than companies without one. In an effort to attract the recruiting industry’s best talent, boost employee engagement and maintain excellent retention rates, Consultis, a leader in the IT recruiting industry, recently launched a new employee brand campaign called Consultis FISH, which stands for Fun, Innovative, Savvy and Hardworking employees.

The FISH acronym embodies the spirit of Consultis and its employees, while providing a fresh, fun theme to help drive the employee brand initiative. As the Consultis team began to build the FISH program, the company identified four core values to support the company and overall campaign:

  • Provide amazing service that makes customers want to come back again and again;
  • Build a culture where employees love to give their best every day;
  • Build effective leaders who inspire through their example;
  • Improve teamwork and build trust.

“We know that living your brand is the most critical piece to a successful employee branding project, which is why we implemented the FISH program,” said Jamie Delsing, Managing Partner, Consultis. “From sponsoring team events, recognizing achievements and regular employee communication centered on the FISH theme to spontaneous awards and recognition throughout the year, we have built a stronger, closer team that continues to surpass the expectations of our clients and consultants – which has been our ultimate goal.”

In order to support these core values while developing an environment of team work and recognition, Consultis integrated FISH into all aspects of its business, including:

  • Talent acquisition – To ensure potential employees fit the Consultis culture, leadership includes FISH messaging in all employee communication channels, even down to the job descriptions. By doing so, not only is the company spotlighting its values, but making sure it is attracting the right talent to the organization.
  • Employee recognition – When a member of the leadership team hears a great call, that manager will bestow an inflatable fish upon that employee with a vocal “Great call!” It’s a fun (and immediate) way to recognize great efforts and make the team feel valued.
  • Communications – Internal employee communications use fun FISH-themed messaging to transform typical emails into more engaging communications.
  • Camaraderie – Using an internal employee portal, team members spread throughout locations can see who won awards like the “Big Kahuna” of the week, keep up on birthdays and anniversaries and send encouragement to colleagues on a job well done.
  • Onboarding – New team members are introduced to FISH immediately, providing greater buy-in, productivity and enthusiasm among Consultis’ latest employees.

In an industry known for high turnover rates, Consultis decided to address the issue firsthand by putting in place a program that will help it stand out from the competition when recruiting new employees and stand out to clients when deciding which company will have their best interests at stake from a talent and hiring perspective. The cornerstone of its growth strategy, Consultis understands the importance of finding the best candidates and retaining them once on board.

About Consultis
Since 1984, Consultis, a recruiting firm specializing in the IT industry, has provided people-based solutions and professional services for long- and short-term contracts as well as direct placements of full time employees nationwide. In addition to its corporate-based office in Boca Raton, FL, Consultis has offices in Tampa, FL; Orlando, FL; Dallas, TX; San Antonio, TX; Milwaukee, WI; and Minneapolis, MN.

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or follow Consultis on Twitter.

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