Deep Dive with Ashley “BrunoFISH” Bruno

1.      Briefly describe your Consultis journey.

So far so good! It’s not every day that someone can honestly say they love the company they work for!

2.      What do you love most about your job?

Definitely the people, hands down!

3.      What is your favorite thing to do in San Antonio?

My favorite thing to do in San Antonio is EAT!

4.      What is your top piece of advice for clients, candidates, or those who are new to the staffing industry?      

Take all the advice you can and listen. Also, if you’re going to ask for advice, you should try it out 😉

5.      What has been your proudest moment at Consultis?

I would say learning IT as fast as I have. I did have a little self-doubt, but fortunately I made my way out of that.

6.      One piece of life or career advice I’d give to a mentee:

Ahhhh, LIFE! Leverage the value of time my friend!