Deep Dive with Lauren “FitFISH” DiBlasi

1.      Briefly describe your Consultis journey.

I jumped in the tank in July of 2014. I started out as a Technical Recruiter and the next year I transitioned into Sales. I honestly enjoyed being on both sides. Doing so, gave me the opportunity to understand the process for candidates looking for new jobs and helping clients find their next rockstar. I feel like it gave me an advantage because I could better communicate the challenges of the candidate to a client and vice versa. In 2018, I decided to move back into recruiting because that’s where my heart is at and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

2.      What do you love most about your job?

I love that I get to help people. It’s not just about finding someone a job. It’s ultimately making a difference in someone’s everyday life. I would also have to say it’s always different. Each day I’m working on a new position and talking to someone new. My job never gets boring.

3.      What is your favorite thing to do in Orlando?

Most of my time is spent teaching dance in the Lake Mary area but when I have free time I enjoy going to Wekiva Springs.

4.      What is your top piece of advice for clients, candidates, or those who are new to the staffing industry?

For Clients- work with a trusted partner that will communicate and be honest with you throughout the entire process. Often times recruiting firms will over promise and under deliver, however I feel that Consultis has always been transparent from the beginning with clients (hiring managers) and because of that, we’ve had success.

For Candidates-Take time to find a dedicated recruiter, network with IT professionals in your area, attend local events and always be forthcoming with information in the process. I don’t keep my cards close to my chest. I make sure candidates understand I’m always going to be real with them and I expect that in return. Help me help you J

5.      What has been your proudest moment at Consultis?

It would have to be my first placement! Back in August of 2014. I helped a gentleman land a position with a company that was closer to home and because of that it gave him the opportunity to see his daughters again. His job before required him to travel 75% of the time out of state and he rarely had the chance to spend time with his kids. I checked in with him a few days ago (mind you he’s been employed there for almost 5 years) and now he gets to work remote! All of these years later, he is just as thankful and appreciative for the opportunity. I can just hear it in his voice and that makes everything worth it.

6.      One piece of life or career advice I’d give to a mentee:

Be your authentic self. While I’ve used scripts in the beginning to help me get on my feet with recruiting and followed our process to ensure I’m completing every step correctly, I found that most of my success was me just being me. My candidates and clients loved Consultis’ process and quality of service but ultimately they partner with YOU. Lastly, build and maintain honest relationships, network with IT professionals as much as you can and stay connected with your tech community.


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