An Offer They Can’t Refuse: How to Recruit Top App Developers

Whether you’re fishing or hiring tech talent, I’ve found that you’ll only catch what you’ve prepared to catch. If you head out on a charter boat with a bamboo fishing pole, hook, and worm, it’ll be nothing short of a miracle to catch a red snapper or marlin. And if you approach the current market without offering app developers the right incentives, your business is unlikely to attract the top talent you want. The secret to hiring app developers is to learn what they want from their next position and prepare your business to offer just that. In my experience as a technical recruiter, here are what top app developer talent in the Southern Florida market (and beyond) want.

A Chance to Work with the Hottest Technology

Bleeding edge technology is a big incentive for app developers. In the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, the languages, frameworks, and other technologies developers use were their second highest job search priority. Though there is no single technology or stack with universal appeal, highlighting these opportunities will help attract app developers from their current positions:

  • The Newest Versions of Languages – App developers want access to all of the latest features, so advertising that you work with Angular 6 or C# 7.3 shows that you are forward thinking about technology itself.
  • Stack Overflow’s Most Wanted Languages – In the Stack Overflow Survey, developers identified which languages want to learn but haven’t yet. For example, companies that provide opportunities to work with Python, JavaScript, or Go are more likely to attract top app developers. Checking this survey on a yearly basis can help you keep ahead of the competition.
  • Cutting Edge Platforms and Tools – App developers want more than the latest programming languages. I’ve seen plenty of app developer candidates accept positions where the primary language they’re coding with is .Net for the chance to work on the latest cloud based platforms or RPA software Blue Prism. That’s why you should always highlight your best technologies.

When it comes to offering these types of incentives, startups typically have the advantage thanks to their smaller size and limited red tape to get implementation approval. Larger enterprises that want top app development talent need to find ways to implement bleeding edge technology faster. At the very least, HR or their staffing partner need to knowledgeably communicate those selling points technologies to candidates.

The Option for Remote Work

Gallup found that from 2012 to 2016, the number of people working remotely some of the time rose from 39% to 43%. The nature of the IT industry is aligned with remote work, and most app development work can be accomplished without setting foot in an office. What companies have difficulty determining is how much of an app developer’s work week should be remote to attract top talent.

So what’s the magic number? The same Gallup survey found that among people who work remotely, 31% do so four to five times a week. In fact, I’ve seen some companies offer app developers the opportunity to work completely remote, giving them the opportunity to spend months overseas (as long as they complete their work). Is it the only way to go? No, but competitor companies have difficulty convincing those app developers to leave their positions and take jobs with their companies.

A Work Atmosphere That Fits Their Style

App developers are typically a hardworking bunch. It’s not out of character for them to work hard all day and even bring their work home. Because they dedicate so much of their time to app development projects, they want to feel comfortable while working. For many, that means wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and a shirt while they code.

Companies who embrace that casual style for their app developers face few limitations to finding app developers. However, companies with a strict dress code often limit they tech talent they can attract. They’ll need to provide a wide array of benefits and, even then, might only be able to interest more seasoned professionals who want stability later in their careers. Plus, who wants to wear a tie all day when it’s 94° with a “real feel” of 104°?

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