The best ways to show your IT employees appreciation

How to Say “Thank You” in IT

Showing appreciation for those who save the day.

You’ve got the biggest presentation in company history in 15 minutes and nobody can connect to the Apple TV. Disaster appears imminent, then…

…Your IT hero swoops in, and with a few taps to the remote, voila, you’re back in business with no time for thank-yous.

Whether they’re coming to the rescue, or providing high tech solutions, the heroic efforts of the IT workforce are all too often unsung.  Showing them they’re appreciated goes a long way towards retention.  Of course, IT professionals can be tricky to read, so, here are some suggestions on ways to show your appreciation for their gallant efforts.

5 ways to show your IT staff you care

  1. Meetings. Oftentimes IT staff are isolated from the rest of the company, both physically and in the chain of command. Ensuring top performers of regular one-on-one meetings with management is a productive way of reinforcing their importance. These discussions allow team members to further anchor their importance to the company, while creating an opportunity for both management and the IT staff to evolve.
  2. Email Blasts. Public recognition motivates and thanks in the same motion. One of the simplest ways of acknowledging an individual, or team’s, contribution to the company cause is through a staff-wide email.
  3. Awards. Keeping with the power of public recognition, awards ceremonies are a fun way to bring everyone together to celebrate the efforts of their teammates. An additional benefit of these events is the enhanced sense of unity and cooperation generated when faces are connected with names.
  4. Family time. All too often saving the day means working late and on weekends, which means IT moms and dads miss out on home-time. A night out at the company’s expense is a warm gesture the entire family will remember.
  5. Party time. On the other hand, raising kids is a lot of work, so maybe your IT superstars need to unwind. Whether it’s a paintball adventure, or simply a lunch out, stepping out of work mode with your IT staff extends beyond showing your appreciation, offering an opportunity to bond, which translates into a terrific boost in morale.

Provide them with amazing teammates

Of course, surrounding your IT workforce with talented colleagues goes a long way toward letting them know how important their department is to your company. When you’re working with talented people, you know you’re doing something right.

Attracting top IT talent can be tricky. Consultis has been working with some of the best professionals in IT since 1984. For more information on how we can help you build an IT workforce worthy of your appreciation, connect with one of our expert IT recruiters today.