IT Onboarding Matters: Here’s How to Get It Right on

IT Onboarding Matters: Here’s How to Get It Right

8 onboarding tips for welcoming your new IT hire.

Do you remember your first day on the job? Everyone responds differently to being the new kid. As their employer, it’s your responsibility to make that transition smooth and productive.

IT staff come with their own set of particularities; however, they are human beings just like you. So, hop into their shoes and consider how the following would make you feel as you stepped into your new job.

It starts before you even extend an offer

While you’re both intellectually invested by the time you’ve met for an interview, the IT candidate is likely to be emotionally invested as well. They might be considering other offers or need to jump from a sinking ship. If you don’t keep in communication with them, you’re not only being rude, it’s setting a poor standard for your professionalism.

How you handle your interactions leading up to the hire informs candidates the degree to which employees are respected at your company, and how organized you are. It’s also a self-evident symptom of sophistication. That leads us to…


One of the many objectives of onboarding is to let them know they’re going to be taken care of. Each step of your process should reinforce their decision to join your team – kind of like stepping into a luxury hotel. In that sense, you want to take their hand from the very beginning, escorting them through their ingress.

Of course, IT crew love efficiency, so they’ll also appreciate knowing you’re on top of things. Here are a few ideas to let them know you’re excited – and ready – for your new partnership.

  1. Send a welcome letter. You could send an email, or text – if you like making average impressions. A personalized – even hand-printed – letter on company letterhead is an excellent way to show you’re looking forward to working together.
  2. Ask them what they need. Does your prospective IT candidate prefer Mac or PC? Any special needs, such as a stand-up desk or specific chair? What kind of mouse do they like? Whether it’s incorporated in the welcome letter, or simply an email, taking note of what they need to do their job punches up the onboarding value. It’s also a good idea to make sure they know when and where to report on their first day.
  3. Prepare! Let the staff know to welcome their new colleague, make sure their office is in order, and everything is ready for them to get started. If your new arrival sees chaos, that’s what they’re likely to expect in the future.
  4. Welcome baskets arent just for housewives. A little something nice can add a Googleplex of welcome value. A 100 gig USB flash drive, snacks, coffee mug, mini flashlight, company t-shirts, a gift card to a nearby lunch spot are all inexpensive welcome gifts.

Launching preparation into action

By now you should be on the right track – these tips will help you stay on course!

  1. Greetings! Make sure someone is there to greet your new employee. If you have a receptionist, they should be informed of when the new hire will be arriving.
  2. Re-acquaint them. While you probably gave your new hire a tour of your office during the interview process, taking them around again provides an opportunity to make introductions and to begin familiarizing them with the building layout.
  3. Speaking of introductions … If possible, and applicable, you might consider making note cards for the employees they’ll be interacting with the most. This allows them to keep track of names and who does what.
  4. Do they need a mentor? In some IT positions, your new addition will need to be brought up to speed on your processes. If there’s more than one person who can usher your new hire into their role – and beyond – let them choose their mentor. However, first, you’ll want to make sure your new hire is aware of the backgrounds of their mentor candidates, and maybe have some time to get to know them. The idea is it not only establishes a sense of auto-determination – something IT talent enjoys – but also lets them evaluate who can help them the most.

It’s perfectly acceptable – even advisable – to consult your recruiting partner

IT recruiters make it a point of riding the bleeding edge of the industry. They understand what turns new IT hires off, and what they expect when coming onto a job.

Consultis Information Technology has been working with top IT talent since 1984. If you’re looking for insight into how to start off on the right foot with your new IT hire, connect with us online today!