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Want a Better Project ROI? Consider Using IT Project Services

Written by: Dean Pledger and Cletus Kilker

Imagine this: you’ve pinpointed an IT project that can change your business for the better. An increase in revenue, reduction in costs, or boost in performance make the investment worth it. The only challenge is that the necessary technology and processes eclipse your expertise.

You could hire IT consultants and grapple this unfamiliar territory to deliver results. Or you could entrust the work to a partner that comprehends the tech, tactics, and your strategic value. By and large, organizations achieve a better ROI using IT project services. Here’s why you’ll see a greater difference:

Niche Technical Expertise

Mobile apps, cloud computing, machine learning, and other innovations are now enterprise essentials. These tools and technologies shape the performance, revenue, and scalability of your business. Yet most businesses lack the budget to hire the full set of technical SMEs. The good news is that an IT project solutions provider can enlist the expertise of specialized IT talent as needed.

Consider these scenarios. Your business wants to create a mobile app to improve your consumer experience. Or you want to improve flexibility and user accessibility by migrating a legacy system onto the cloud. Though both are essential to your progress, there is no need to keep these skillsets on staff when you’re done. Yes, you’ll occasionally need maintenance and upgrades, but a dedicated internal person is not the solution. Instead, a team of specialists can assess the problem, apply their best-in-class knowledge, and deliver the fullest ROI at a sensible cost.

Greater ROI

When you’re just immersing yourself in a new field or discipline for the first time, you’re not approaching it from a master’s mindset. Think of it this way. Aaron Rogers or Cam Newton know to factor in wind speed and real-time coverage into their decision making. A self-appointed QB in a Thanksgiving Day pickup game might just chuck the ball and hope for the best. There’s a huge difference. In business, the perspective of seasoned professionals prevents your ROI from being left up to chance.

One of our IT project services partners, Chaitu Sama, emphasizes this point when he speaks with clients. “When we walk into a client site, we aren’t just agreeing to take a client requirement and deliver it,” said Chaitu. “We partner with them to understand their day-to-day issues and problems, compare their business against the competition, and evaluate new technologies.” It’s a consultative approach that often identifies unexpected challenges, refines deliverables, and yields greater results down the road.

Reduced Costs

Hiring consultants instead of employees comes with its own cost savings. Tax withholding, employee benefits, supplies and equipment, and other costs are not included with an IT consultant. Yet using IT project services from the right provider can amplify those savings even further.

For example, an IT services team is paid by the project, not by the hour. The budget and scope are determined in advance and the team needs to deliver, no matter how many hours required on the back end. By establishing a bundled rate for this contingent workforce, the cost of your resources remains predictable, letting you know you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Expanded Budgets

The budget for recruiting tech talent is not always flexible. Though more organizations grasp how competitive the market is, some still remain frugal about how much they’ll spend for top IT talent. But it is much easier to justify expenses for IT projects than a permanent or temporary fixture to your team. Especially when the cost would be cheaper than hiring an identical internal team.

A Single Point of Contact

You’ve heard the expression, “too many cooks in the kitchen.” It’s a problem for project delivery as well. Though we want the input of various stakeholders, it’s still important for the project to have a clear direction and accountability. With that, an IT services partner that offers a single point of contact (POC) is the better choice.

“If too many people are calling the shots, it is difficult to identify top priorities. Our teams would constantly be switching gears and pursuing the challenge of the day. When you have a single POC, there is resource optimization and streamlined delivery. Though they’re not the experts in all areas, they know which SME to speak to in every situation,” said Chaitu.

No Extra Effort on Your Part

Why should you have to put in extra work for a lone IT project? Your attention is better spent elsewhere. The benefit of IT project services is that the right partner can seamlessly offer all of these benefits without any additional effort on your part. That way, you can focus on achieving the big picture and trust your partner to keep the moving parts turning.

Interested in using IT project services? Contact our team to get a better ROI from your next project.

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