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IT Staff Augmentation Boosted a Client’s Data Strategy in 90 Days

Picture this scenario: Your business is in growth mode and stopgap IT solutions have outlived their use. You need to hire an internal technical SME to increase performance as you grow. You have two choices: try to find the right person, which can be a lot like searching for the Invisible Man – someone you know is out there, hiding in plain sight. Or you can turn to a trusted partner.

One pharmaceutical company was faced with that very choice. In order to achieve results, they needed a new Director of Data Architecture with pharmaceutical sales and prescription data experience along with knowledge of the Snowflake data warehousing platform. They chose to forgo the exhaustive (and exhausting) search and reached out to their trusted IT staff augmentation partner: Consultis.

Regardless of your industry, finding and hiring high-quality technical candidates has become an uphill battle. That’s why when it comes to placing IT excellence, you need the right partner on your team. Maybe it’s time to consider Consultis.

Want to learn more about how our IT staff augmentation services found top tech talent and helped our client achieve a more efficient data strategy? Read our latest case Study “How One Pharma Company Optimized Data Efficiency in 90 Days.”

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