Deep Dive with Jamie “LionFISH” Carver

1.      Briefly describe your Consultis journey.

I joined Consultis in June of 2014 after almost 15 years in sales and prior to that, a career as a developer.  Consultis has been a great company with amazing flexibility on delivering what our clients need.  Because of this, we have been able to establish new client relationships and expand our business with existing clients.

2.      What do you love most about your job?

I really enjoy when we are able to give our clients something that no one else has been able to deliver.  There are so many times when a client feels abandoned by their suppliers because they don’t put in the effort on their more challenging positions. That is where clients need the most support. We only increase our focus on these positions to ensure clients get what they need.

3.      What is your favorite thing to do in Minnesota?

I am a lifelong modified pitch softball player and there is nothing better that getting out on the field to compete.  Outside of that, my family and I love going to Two Harbors (Two Habs if you’re a local) in the summer to experience and enjoy a more tranquil lifestyle in the great “up north”.

4.      What is your top piece of advice for clients, candidates, or those who are new to the staffing industry?

Always be able to deliver on your promises.  The one thing that will always stay with you in your professional life is your reputation.  Don’t have a bad one.

5.      What has been your proudest moment at Consultis?

A new client of ours was re-tooling their infrastructure group to be more siloed.  They were having a very difficult time identifying the people they needed to hire in Windows, Linux, Cisco, and Security to fill those silos.  We were able to identify every single resource they needed to build out their teams.

6.      One piece of life or career advice I’d give to a mentee:

Continually build your network and relationships.  So many times, people feel like it’s what they know, but 99% of the time, it’s who you know both in your professional and personal life that makes the difference.  This also ties into maintaining a strong reputation because your network will not grow if you cannot deliver on your promises.