Project Solution Services

Get hooked on successful projects

Our Project Solution Services allows you to hire a team of technical talent for a specific project with critical deliverables. Solution Delivery is at the core of every successful consulting project.

Problems We Solve

  • Ensure the cost of the resources needed for a project are predictable when we are able to establish a bundled rate
  • Enable the client to pay for the staffing of the project out of a different budget by writing an SOW instead of working through the HR/TA channels…and helps them avoid the “HR” vendor selection process
  • Can elevate the level of expertise on the team by blending the resources
  • Single point of contact: you don’t have to work with multiple vendors for getting the expertise and resources that you need for this project

What We Do

  • Provide a team of technical talent for Statement of Work initiatives to offload the hiring of resources for specific initiatives or projects
  • Reduce pressure to provide costly benefits to retain full-time staff or over-tasking existing staff
  • Support and help design your innovative and clear technical strategy for organizational growth
  • Provide the resources the organization needs to keep up with heightened digital expectations from customers
  • Onboard an Engagement Manager to oversee project and resource success