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Putting the IT in Benefits: 17 Perks to Attract Top Tech Talent

Companies like Google and Facebook have revolutionized the concept of the employee benefit package. Although generous salary and health insurance options are still vital to an enticing employment offer while doing technology recruiting, now innovative perks like mandatory vacation time, nap pods, and on-site massage therapists are being offered in order to bring out the best and brightest in the business.

Modern day employees expect and appreciate efforts that place importance on their health, wellness, family, and even fun. And it’s in an employer’s best interest to do so – treating employees well reduces stress and burn-out, helping to minimize the expense and hassle of staff turnover. Although it can seem like extra effort and expense upfront, these thoughtful perks can add value to your business in terms of employee satisfaction, loyalty, and public reputation.

The most impressive, and desirable, perks to offer potential employees seem to fall under the categories of health and wellness, work/life balance, or workplace entertainment. Consider the following suggestions to beef up your benefits package and attract top technology talent.

Health and Wellness

Physical and mental health is important to both productivity for the company and the personal lives of employees. From encouraging outdoor time to on-site nutritionists, the most coveted companies are more invested than ever in keeping their staff healthy, wealthy, and wise. Amazon’s innovative idea of indoor tree houses is a dramatic take on this trend – their new greenhouse/work space in downtown Seattle will act as host to 3000 plants and a series of suspension bridge-connected tree houses to create a relaxing eco-workspace.

More traditional (and reasonable) options include:

  • On-site workout facilities, yoga classes, or gym membership reimbursement
  • Meditation spaces
  • Regular visits from massage therapists or acupuncturists
  • On-site health clinic
  • Company bikes or sports equipment to use on breaks
  • Employee cafeterias with healthy food options

Work/Life Balance

For most people, family and free time are the most beloved aspects of their life, no matter how much they love their job. Companies that honor the importance of their employees’ roles outside of the workplace are often rewarded tenfold in loyalty, efficiency, and public image. Netflix has made headlines with a generous offer that allows new parents in their streaming division to take unlimited paid leave for the first year. Other employers make life easier by offering perks like:

  • Mandatory paid vacation
  • On-site dry cleaning, shipping, hair dressers, car washes, and more
  • Remote work options with a technology stipend
  • Free meals at work
  • Paid time-off for volunteering
  • Concierge services


A study by Tinypulse revealed that tired or burnt-out employees are 31% more likely to start searching for a new job. Creating a fun work environment reduces stress and increases company camaraderie among co-workers. Zynga offers its employees relaxation lounges with arcade and console games for mid-day Mario Kart sessions, and every day is bring your dog to work day with a rooftop dog park and pet insurance included for man’s best friend. Make work enjoyable for your team with treats like:

  • Event tickets or amusement park admission
  • Weekly happy hour or a beer cart
  • On-site volleyball or basketball courts
  • Art or cooking classes
  • Private concerts or movie screenings

Perks that go above and beyond make employees feel valued and respected, which is really one of the best benefits any employer can offer. On top of that, it makes your business incredibly appealing to top talent looking for their next home away from home.

We know attracting top IT talent is hard, even with an employee-focused culture. We develop strong relationships with our customers and our talent, so we can help you find the perfect fit.