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Why Questioning Your Company Culture Matters

If you’re seeking IT talent, your culture needs to be up to snuff.

Company culture is a complex concoction. It’s more than teamwork towards business goals. It’s the internal, ground level reality of what a company is and how the staff within it identify both themselves and each other. It’s a cohesion of personality, vision, and values that builds a bridge between professional and personal psychology. Here are the questions that ensure your culture is attracting IT talent to your business.

Does your culture support remote working?

If it doesn’t, you may want to rethink. Close to 4 million Americans are telecommuting at least part time, and turning it into the country’s fastest growing form of getting to work. Studies show how remote working increases productivity and reduces stress (to name only two benefits).

The tech-slant of IT pros goes without saying. If your company is amenable to letting them do their jobs purely through technology, then you’re well on the way to being more attractive. This first-hand commendation from a programmer underlines how well remote working can suit IT staff.

Are you considering the physical demands of IT?

IT is, of course, a hugely cerebral job. Being mostly mental unfortunately means the body is very likely to suffer. The physically sedentary nature of the work induces eye strain and headache at the very least, and obesity, heart attack, or stroke at the worst.

A serious look at this indicative diagram amply details all the inherent dangers IT talents faces. The solution here (and the best bait) is to add a new dimension to the term “good fit.” If your premises can support any kind of space for fitness and exercise, utilize it so your employees can stay in shape. If not, there’s always the option of providing work-based perks such as gym memberships. Let your IT staff know that if they’re in the office, they can get up and walk around whenever they feel the need. At the very least, provide your staff with health information on benefits and risks as part of your company culture.

Are you adopting an IT psychology?

No potential hire wants to work in a disharmonious environment. Being an IT professional is all about understanding the concepts of core integration and efficiency. The IT mind/skill set is one of building, testing, maintaining, and repairing. It’s only going to thrive in a culture that does the same.

Consider how simple it is for a modern candidate (especially an IT one) to go online and see how you’re rated. Sites like as Glassdoor offer insider reviews on companies by the people who work there. Glassdoor receives over 30 million visitors a month, and it’s one of a number of sites that are a worldwide ad for company culture (whether the companies like it or not).

If a business owns its brand, then leveraging social media is a great way to wear your culture on your sleeve. You can project who you are, announce what you need, and make yourself available for feedback. If you don’t make yourself visible in these ways, you’re hurting your chances of being noticed and empathized with by IT applicants.

There’s another way to appeal to IT talent and psychology that can be just plain fun. This Harvard Business Review research reveals that utilizing pop culture jargon in a humorous but targeted way could strike just the right chord.

The right IT talent, right now

Sometimes, a business is understaffed in IT or dealing with cost issues in retaining full-time IT team members. We’re here to provide solutions in those scenarios where top-class technical talent are required on a project. It’s our role to place IT talent as and when it’s needed under contract and contract-to-hire conditions. We provide support and design assistance with your business’ technical strategy alongside ensuring you’re keeping pace with the increasing technical expectations of today’s work and marketplace.