Why One IT Exec Uses Consultis’ Tech Talent Pool Wherever She Goes

Businesses are only as effective as the people they hire. It’s a simple but true maxim that’s tough to live up to these days. The U.S. job market is experiencing the perfect storm of a full employment economy and tech talent shortage, so much so that 76% of decision makers have difficulty attracting and hiring passive candidates. To thrive, business leaders need access to a reliable tech talent pool, one with a trustworthy supply of top IT professionals they can use throughout the course of their career.

When a financial sector Director of IT set out to hire a Business Analyst, she wasn’t thinking that far down the road. She needed an elite candidate immediately with a firm grasp of financial data, coming from a Microsoft shop, who could explain complex technical concepts to financial-minded executives.

Her own independent search and the work of most South Florida staffing firms only turned up unqualified candidates. However, when she reached out to Consultis, a local leading IT recruiting firm, she unknowingly started an IT talent acquisition partnership that has consistently supplied her with a reliable tech talent pool and remained a part of her hiring strategy across two companies (so far)!

Want to learn how this Director of IT grew to trust Consultis’ tech talent pool to satisfy her hiring needs? Read about her story in “How a Long-Term Partnership Has Transformed Two Businesses (and Counting).


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