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UI and UX Skills That Will Boost Your Career Ahead of the Curve

How do you know if an end user will stay and convert or leave in search of something better? Whether it’s a website, mobile app, or VR augmentation, first impressions are everything. In fact, Forrester Research shows that a well-designed UI raises web conversion rates by 200% and exceptional UXs raise conversion by 400%. With a business impact like that, top UI and UX professionals now see comparable demand to free-agent Lebron James! However, businesses still want to know they are getting the best results from their investment. That’s why if you want to swim with the big fish in the talent pool (and future proof your career), you’ll prioritize the following types of UI and UX skills in your portfolio.

Front-End Coding

Hands-on, front-end coding experience is a no brainer for UI developers. However, there has long been a debate about whether or not UX designers need first-hand knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Any startup will want UX designers to grasp front-end coding (since most live by an all-hands-on-deck mentality), but we recommend all UX talent know how to code. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS topped the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey for most commonly used languages, so they’re the smart choice to know. Plus, businesses will always pick UX professionals who can communicate with their developers and find more effective ways to revise code.

User Journey Expertise

Consumer app spend is expected to grow to $157 billion by 2022. With all of that potential revenue at stake, businesses want to know what keeps users going from point A to point B and beyond. Businesses want to hire UI and UX professionals who act like social scientists, decoding users’ behaviors, habits, motivations, and needs during the discovery phase. If you can prove your ability to translate behavior and motivators into user requirements, project functionality, and user flow, then you’ll compete for the highest paid UI and UX designer jobs.

Wireframing and Prototyping Tools

Which UX tools are most effective at delivering projects through the full design lifecycle? UI and UX professionals have their favorites, but surveys shows that these tools are the most sought after on the market:

  • Adobe XD –As far as all-in-one UI and UX solutions go, Adobe XD is one of the best. Businesses want to hire UI and UX designers who can collaborate with their team, and Adobe XD facilitates that with CC Library integration, share URLs for quick feedback, and compatibility across a variety of devices. Plus, it’s a lightning-fast powerhouse the moment you launch the program.
  • Axure RP – For both wireframing and prototyping, Axure RP is the first choice of many professionals. It’s not necessarily the most intuitive, but businesses know that UI and UX designers with Axure RP experience are masters of their craft. Prototypes developed through this program are at a whole different level because of Axure’s compatibility with various file formats and the fact that it can run design testable prototypes in a mobile-realistic environment. With all of that extra functionality, it’s no wonder Axure savvy UX designers can earn $101,544 on average.
  • Balsamiq – Businesses want tech talent with Balsamiq experience because of the overall speed and improved collaboration. Thanks to its ability to produce mockups rapidly that are easily sharable and modifiable, this wireframing software is demanded across the industry. In fact, people with Balsamiq experience can earn $110,214 on average.
  • Sketch – Time is of the essence in any UI and UX project, and businesses are always looking for tech talent who knows how to accelerate the launch. As a tool designed specifically for UX designers, Sketch achieves that by offering all of the relevant features without any filler. Because you can more swiftly and efficiently create different designs, UI and UX professionals with Sketch experience are trusted to more quickly realize concepts and provide valuable time savings.

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