Plan your IT project with a technology solutions partner for the same reason you’d use a caterer to make sure your company party goes off without a hitch.

What Hiring a Catering Company for Your Company Party Has in Common with the Big IT Project You’re Trying to Justify

Plan your IT project with a technology solutions partner for the same reason you’d use a caterer to make sure your company party goes off without a hitch.

You’ve been put in charge of the company party. What do you do when you don’t even know how to spell hors d’oeuvres, let alone how to make them?

You wouldn’t think even twice about engaging the services of a caterer. They’re experts. Your core competency is not parties. With their assistance, you’ll succeed in throwing an event that matches the reputation your company is known for. What do company parties and the big IT project you’re trying to just have in common? Read on.

Not just about food

Think of a caterer, and you have visions of shrimp canapes and cheese balls. A successful catered event is far more than just the food. It’s about satisfying all the senses.

Where’s the party going to take place? The venue must fit the occasion, and it has to accommodate the number of people attending. These aren’t necessarily things you’ll think about – yet all it takes is one unaddressed issue to ruin a company party.

It’s June. It’ll be gorgeous out, so you decide you want the company party to take place outdoors under the stars. It’s an awesome idea, and your caterer will be the one who makes sure it’ll be successful despite the things you might not consider. What happens if the weather is bad? Will there be enough lighting for guests to feel safe in the parking lot?

Will the party require permits, permissions, and even insurance? How hard can it be to have a fun, trendy company party where a handful of food trucks provide the food? It’s no problem at all if you partner with a caterer, who will engage in the due diligence to ensure there’s no problem with this approach to food preparation and service where you plan to have the party – and that includes your offices.

What equipment and resources will be necessary? The closest thing your company has to a chafing dish is the microwave in the lunch room, which nobody uses because it hasn’t been cleaned for so long it looks like some kind of science experiment. It might make sense to invest in a few things that can be used repeatedly in the future for other company events. A caterer can help you think through the process of what to own, and what to outsource. It’s also highly probable that the success and the affordability of your company party will depend on utilizing the assets your caterer owns.

What’s the real budget? You know you have a number in mind. You can throw that out as a caterer, and you’ll get what you pay for. A successful caterer would rather hear what you want to achieve so they can do research and help you with suggestions. This is key because you can focus on the idea, while your catering partner makes sure that all the infrastructure and resulting costs are considered. It’s a realistic way to assure that what you want can be achieved with what you can afford.

Are there best practices or prior experiences you can use for guidance? This isn’t a successful caterer’s first rodeo. They’ve got plenty of experience they can share with you as a client. An Asian-themed buffet menu? Maybe not such a great idea. It’s difficult to stand around and eat with chopsticks. Sit-down service would be a better route.

Switch it out

Go back and substitute major IT project for the company party. Do the same thing, where you replace caterer with project solution services vendor. If you are objective and truthful, you’ll likely conclude that the upcoming major IT project you want to undertake is ambitious and beyond the capacity of your resources. That’s why you’re already looking for ways to justify it.

Decision-makers approve projects as long as they are provided with validation. The most powerful validation comes from sources that are recognized for their expertise and experience in that area. It’s why you’ll engage a caterer for your company party. It’s also why you should engage the services of an organization that can offer resources to extend and amplify your capabilities when it’s time to take on your next big IT project.