Technical Contract Services

Don't get lost at sea

Done right, your IT projects can generate revenue and scale your business to meet future demand. Yet to get a measurable ROI, you need to be free from distractions. That means keeping your head above water delivering projects, not recruiting top IT consultants. Let us be your life preserver.

Our consultative approach to contract placements starts with robust assessments. We learn your full requirements. We get acquainted with your culture. And then we use our deep technical knowledge to find a precise talent match for project success.

Consultis Contract Services

What Can Consultis Do for You?

  • Bridge the knowledge gap for IT projects and increase collaboration across IT functions
  • Cut costs without sacrificing quality, giving you access to as-needed technical specialists
  • Provide Staffing as a Service (SaaS) solutions with statement of work (SOW) talent who make an immediate, dramatic impact
Consultis Contract Services

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