Contract Services

Don't get lost at sea

Every minute you’re forced to focus on IT recruitment is one that’s lost to innovation and profit. Our innovative approach to talent placement starts with robust validation, ensuring a precise match of talent for project success.

Consultis Contract Services

Problems We Solve

  • Bridge the knowledge gap for technical initiatives and increase collaboration between different IT functions with on-demand resources
  • Cut costs without sacrificing quality by giving you access to resources that you only utilize when you need them
Consultis Contract Services
Consultis Contract Services

What We Do

  • Provide Staffing as a Service (SaaS) solutions with contract or contract-to-hire talent who are poised to make an immediate, dramatic impact
  • Our Working Interview Program (WIP) provides the flexibility of contract IT talent with the stability of a potential full-time hire
  • Talent is thoroughly screened and vetted for technical proficiencies
  • Place talent as needed to help aid the learning curve in implementing new systems